Habitarte “Comunidad, arte y diseño”

Designer: Wilfredo Pérez Espino
Professor: Arch. José R. Coleman-Davis and Arch.Victor Nieto
Location: Barrio Machuchal, Santurce, Puerto Rico
Project / Date: May 2013
TOS[er]: Tamaris Álvarez
Posted: Winter 2013

Project Description:

  • Cultural Center as a social/artistic and community space
  • Urban improvement strategies
  • Located in the community of Machuchal, Santurce, Puerto Rico
  • Revitalization of an existing building


  • Give the community a place to express their skills
  • Improve community life with the Center’s activities
  • Serve as a learning tool for the community and visitors
  • Contribute to promote art

Project Program:

  • Public Plaza
  • Gallery
  • Shop
  • Library
  • Multipurpose Rooms
  • Workshops
  • Fab Lab
  • Temporary Artist Housing
  • Supportive Administrative Areas

About Habitarte:
Due to the economic situation that the Island is in, many spaces available to local artists have closed. This has resulted in the exodus of many artists and the ones who stay have less opportunity to produce “…artistic work that enriches the culture…” – Pérez, W.

Santurce is historically a multidisciplinary community known for his cultural diversity. Recently, it has become a point of interest for both public and community/artist-based iniciatives to promote tourisms through cultural activation.

Given these objectives, Habitarte provides an opportunity for society to gain and/ or expand art-related knowledge through education; supplemented with activities that promote cultural interest. This desire drives the concern to bring together all those interested in the “art world” and the “art” of creative expression. As Wilfredo neatly states, it is a place for the “ of knowledge, experiences and skills… (that) will be the heart of the project.” – Pérez, W.